Backyard Baths are for Bird Watching

If you really love to attract more wild birds to watch out your windows plus do them a great service, you’ll really enjoy the benefits of adding a bird bath or two to your yard. Life can be stressful with everyday chores and tasks we all would love to avoid. Modern conveniences like online tax preparation make the stressful job of doing your taxes a little easier, but they don’t alleviate the stress. The beauty and simplicity of taking in the birds and wildlife all around us has the ability to bring some calm moments to a hectic life.

For years I half-heartedly fed the wild birds throughout all the seasons and enjoyed hours of armchair bird watching.

But my half-interested mindset changed one day when a chickadee landed on my daughter’s shoulder, seemingly asking for a treat. Since then she’s learned how to tempt and feed birds by hand…how that happened is on a different page, click the link to read the story.

Within short order of discovering the charms and antics of our region’s wild birds I began to really take notice and get more serious about bird watching as a hobby. If only our hobbies were counted when it came time to calculate tax deductions. I wanted to do more for them – so they’d spend more time in our yard.

The next logical step then was to supply them with a bird bath…

The Bird Bath Difference

If noticing particular species personalities while bird watching tickle your fancy you’ll really enjoy having a bird bath or two in your yard!

Each bird will:

  • approach the bird bath,
  • dunk, splash, dip or fully bathe,
  • then dry off,

in varying manners. Watching them is a hoot! Some are timid while others are gregarious. It can be quite a show!

Here’s how it all started…

In the early days of bird watching I noticed that many backyard birds were splashing about in our driveway’s spring puddles and having a fun time of it too by the looks of things!

Our entire family came to enjoy watching the birds bathe so much that we added a bird bath to our backyard that summer and by winter the number and variety of birds that visited us had (a conservative guess) doubled.

I don’t know where else an entire family can have so much entertainment for less than the cost of a night at the movies! (That first birdbath came from amazon – their cheapest model.)

Winter Bird Baths

Birds need as much help as possible in the winter and dehydration can be a serious risk especially if everything has frozen up before the snow falls.

When winter came to us that first year there was no question in anyone’s mind, we’d have to maintain a year round bird bath. A winter bird bath is really easy to set up with an outside outlet and an immersion heater.